Dear visitors!

We want to invite You to the 19th International Lada Niva Meeting in 2017 to celebrate the 40th birthday of the Lada Niva together!

The meeting will be at the weekend from the 30th June till the 2nd July  on the terrain from the Teltow Fläming Ring (Offroadpark Berlin Brandenburg) in Zossen OT Kallinchen, in the south of Berlin.

Here You find all information and the and formalities for the registrationfor this meeting (status: 28th June 2017)

  • registration is only possible directly at the meeting
  • participation fees have to be  payed in cash

Schedule T-Shirt Terrain Main Information Downloads Registration Togliatti-Tour 2017

SCHEDULE (summarized)

  • Friday:
    • arrival
    • In the afternoon exploring the route for the participants of the time race on Saturday (arrival until Friday afternoon required!)
  •  Saturday:
    • 10:00 official greeting from the LADA-NIVA-IG Deutschland and guests from AVTOWAZ
    • 11:00 trial for original Nivas and modified Nivas (actual the driver has to wear a helmet!)
    • 14:30 race of time (actual the driver has to wear a helmet!)
    • 19:00 award ceremony and tombola
    • 21:00 live-music in the evening
  • Sunday:
    • circa 10:00 - 11:00 leave-taking from the members at the Offroad terrain, who will go for a trip to Togliatti (maybe in Berlin) (more informationen about the trip under Togliatti-Tour 2017). Accompanying the convoy to Berlin is up to everyone.
    • 12:00 removal and departure



This T-Shirt kann be ordered seperatly by the following contact. Shipping and payment will be organized by only this shop. One piece costs 22,00 € plus shipping. The print is in black. The name can be choosen freely. Here we have the example  "Rainer". The shirt can be ordered only in this light blue. 

The Shirt can be ordered directly under the following link:


The 19th International Lada Niva Meeting 2017 takes place on the terrain of the Teltow Fläming Ring (Offroadpark Berlin Brandenburg). It located in the south of Berlin near the highway A13 and near the lake "Motzener See".

On the terrain You can find:

  • camping ground
  • toilettes
  • catering
  • safehouse if it is raining

If You want to shower You can use the possibility at campingplace  only 1 kilometer far away from the Offroad-terrain. You have to buy coins ( 1 coin for 1,00€) at the reception or in the restaurant. The showers can be used during the day.

If You want to stay longer than this weekend in this region and to use all possibilities at a camping place, You can make a reservation on Your own. You have to make the obligatory reservation on Your own!.



  • Offroad-Terrain: Teltow-Fläming Ring ; Website ; Straße zur Försterei, 15806 Zossen OT Kallinchen ; Approach

  • Camping place: Campingplatz Kallinchen ; Website ; Seestraße 17 ; 15806 Zossen / OT Kallinchen ; Tel.: 033769 / 50381




  • registration is only possible directly at the meeting
  • participation fees have to be  payed in cash
  • Due to the size of the event, a refund of the participation fees (can be found in the PDF registration form see downloads) is not possible for non-participation!


Disclaimer of liability
The participants (driver / holder / owner of the motor vehicle) renounce by signing this declaration all damages or accidents suffered in connection with the participation or the visit of this event to the right of recourse against:

  • the organizer, his assistants, his members, his spokesmen, his staff and his representatives;
  • the other participants and their assistants as well as their own helpers;
  • agencies or any other person directly or indirectly related to this event,
  • in particular the landowner, owner or other beneficial owner.

Declaration of consent for the publication of pictures and videos
Hereby I / we authorize the LADA-NIVA-IG Germany (Tamás Wend) to publish the images and videos made by myself / us and my / our Lada / other vehicle during the 19th International Lada Niva Meeting 2017, in the gallery of the Internet pages / / to publish. In addition, I agree to the publication of the pictures in connection with the press as well as for the sponsors. If you do not agree with the publication of your license plate, please remove it at the off-road site or hang it off. For children under 18 years of age, the parents' signature is included. A liability claim against the LADA-NIVA-IG Germany (Tamás Wend) by subsequent unauthorized use by third parties / strangers (for example, use of downloaded images) does not exist.


Area regulations of the Teltow Fläming Ring 2017

  1. There is a general ban on smoking in the entire grounds of the Teltow Flämingring (Offroadpark Berlin Brandenburg). Smoking is only allowed in the designated smoking places!
  2. Due to possible forest fires due to long, preceding drought, the use of a fire extinguisher is recommended. Camping kitchens are allowed under permanent supervision on the campgrounds. Other fireplaces / camp fire are not permitted!
  3. The waste must be disposed of independently. Leaving of loose garbage as well as garbage bags is strictly forbidden!
  4. The crossing of the camping area boundaries and the entering of buildings or behind the surfaces is strictly forbidden!
  5. Rides on the grounds are only allowed in the period from 8:00 to 17:00 o'clock!
  6. The driver of the vehicle is liable for any damage caused during off-road driving.
  7. The driver is driving at his own risk and is responsible for the damage caused to him by buildings, by the terrain and by persons.
  8. TFR GmbH and LADA-NIVA-IG Deutschland assume no liability whatsoever for direct / indirect and / or consequential damage to the driver / passenger or third parties (material or immaterial).
  9. Caused damage during the recovery of a vehicle is the responsibility of the owner or the polluter.
  10. The insurance of drivers / vehicle occupants is the general responsibility of the signatories. An accident insurance must be completed by the signatories.
  11. Each driver must have a valid driving license.
  12. Danger is only permitted in a technical verification organization tested vehicle.
  13. The driver / vehicle occupants must comply with the instructions of the employees of the TFR GmbH as well as the security forces and folders specified and used by LADA-NIVA-IG Deutschland. Additional security rules can be created at any time, if the situation requires it. This must be followed in every case. In particular route restrictions due to special climatic conditions are covered by this regulation.
  14. Please take care of the nature and drive exclusively on the indicated routes. It is forbidden to leave them and can lead to the aborting of the meeting by the landlord.
  15. In the area, the rules of the Road Traffic Regulations apply. It is forbidden to the driver of the vehicle before and during the trip to drink alcohol.
  16. The park is not a cross-country course, but a skill pace.
  17. Dogs must be hanged with respect to game / sheep. Please take good care of your best friend, especially during active driving on the premises.
  18. If you have an Niva with loading area, it is forbidden to transport people on the loading area.
  19. Convertible vehicles (Cabrios) must be equipped with an override bracket.


General information and program (to be added!) Download
Complete registration (including disclaimer of liability, declaration of consent for the publication of pictures and videos, area regulations of the Teltow Fläming Ring 2017) to complete and return Download


Registration can be made by 3 ways:

  1. using the PDF-formular (look at Downloads), which has to be filled in and signed and sent back per Email
  2. or using the PDF-formular, printing and filling in and sending by postal
  3. using the Online-Formular